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In Battlesystem, rules that relate to using unconverted heroes in combat, state that a hero must remove 10 Ogres in order to remove 1 counter.
This suggests that when looking at partial losses a counter can still operate 1 short.
Therefore, I think the best solution is that Hits pro rata on that particular counter, round up.
So a 2 Hit counter needs to lose 5 dudes before there is any impact.


Also: what are the rules if you don't have enough dudes to field a full 'counter'? If I have 9 guys, but 10 go into a battlesystem token, are they omitted, or do you field a counter that has less hits, or what?


Yep, I think these rules work well. Taran has used them for a couple of small battlesystem skirmishes, and losses to 'special troops' are mitigated significantly. I'm still loathe to commit them to risky, or even toe-to-toe engagements for fear of large losses, but this helps at least. I guess these mechanics means that your special troops are likely to be sent home after one rough battlesystem fight. Which is fine, I think.

Useful to define 'special troops'... any NPCs coming from follower rules I'm thinking.

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