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I think the timing of it would preclude Pan, who would be on the Jaggar mission. Possibly Kazandra, unless she was allocated to the Karameikos mission at the same time. Possibly could use a part-time NPC, but this is very much Taran home ground, and he will be the lead on the Rockhome mission.


Is this a Taran only mission?


"My scouts know the location of the camp, and some basic information regarding their numbers.

Along with those scouts, I can place three of my infantry units under your command."

You will have 3 x 120 dwarven infantry with warhammer and spears.

The giants are camped in a box canyon surrounded by a 50' cliff, with sentries. Surprise will be near impossible, unless you have something up your sleeve.

There are 2 giants at each sentry point.

50 Giant regulars, 2H swords and throw rocks

50 Giant skirmishers, 2H swords and throw rocks

120 Dire Wolves, bite


"I was hoping it would be giants, my king." Taran says, a toothy grin under his beard. "I will see to the safety of the caravans, and in turn Rockhome will be free to see to the safety of the Darokinians." Taran makes his best attempt at a gracious bow.

"What can you tell me of these giants?"

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