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Ah yes...between Cedric and Joseph you can easily determine that the emissaries are already in town, and the reason for the delay in meeting with the Darokin representatives is that the Duke has already agreed to a meeting with them, the day before your meeting has been scheduled.
Kaz may be somewhat distrustful of Pan's contacts, however.


Pans guild may also be of use here. Cedric (beggar), Lance (mariner), Joseph (investigator), Triolus (smuggler)and Tamara (scout & other talents). They will immediately start trying to gather information and report back to Kaz with anything gained. Obviously they will keep out an eye for prospective 'business opportunities' to follow up after the emergency has finished.


Kazzandra has a list of bad guys from ToEE that spanned the known world. Good to know if any of the high ups around here play for other teams.


The church welcome you, and recognise your new status as Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary.
A meeting with Duke Stefan can indeed be arranged, but it will be 2 days before his court is available to hear you.
Tell me more about the ToEE bad guys you are looking for?
Is there anything else you need to do in the 2 days prior?


Kazzandra will mirror portal into Specularum. She will head into the High Church of St Cuthburt and see if an audience with the duke can be organised. She consults the list of TOEE bad guys to see if there is anyone in Karameikos that may be 'levered' into assisting.


Kaz will use the mirror to portal into Specularum. Possibly the Guru could join her, i think Karameikos is his base.
Aim is to go via the High Patriach of our churches to gain an audience with Stefan.


Certainly...word could be sent through the Church of St Cuthbert network, heralding your arrival. Who will need to be there with you? And how do you propose to travel?


Kazzandra has contacts here through the Church of St Cuthburt. Given the recent handover of Yellowskull and sharing of information regarding TOEE agents throughout the known world, hopefully she has a level of respect from the church leadership and they will be able to facilitate an introduction.

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