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We picked up the action on day 3 of Turn 3 (ie week 3 since the invasion of Akesoli).
On day 4, you go to Alfheim, and get to the tomb in the flying longboat.
On day 5, you rest up for the next push.
On day 6, you defeat the dragon.
On day 7, you defeat the Vampire, and the loot loading can begin in earnest.
Turn 4 comes around, and on day 1 you are back negotiating with the elven King.
The rest of Turn 4, the elves are spreading the word, getting organised, ready to march.
Turn 5 will be their first turn of movement.
I should also mention that you get a crack team of 240 elite elven cavalry at your disposal to join the Allied Expeditionary Force - you can probably get them through a portal in the space of an hour.


Is this delayed for some reason? I thought we executed on this in parallel with Vandross visiting the Atraughin Clans

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