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At the top of the counter is just the unique identifier for the unit ie 5th Regulars, 2nd HQ, VIII Legion.
The colours identify the country of origin - at this stage you can pretty much guess what's what based on where the counters are. If they're in Glantri, they're Glantrian! I will work on a legend for this in the next version.
The bottom left is the counters base move. 4 is 4 hexes per turn, but this is modified for terrain (I can provide terrain mods as well).
The bottom right is the War Machine battle rating.
I've done Yog as a custom counter, transparent, and I haven't worked out his BR just yet.
The main conflict yet to be resolved in Turn 3 is the Fort Anselbury one. Last face to face session we though it might be possible to BattleSystem one of the frontline battles, rather than take chances on a War Machine roll, and this is the likely candidate for that.
The main War Machine moves for Turn 4 will also need to be considered in light of the results of Turn 3 at Fort Anselbury. If I can get that one resolved, I can then do the Nomads move (they go first in each turn) for Turn 4, then perhaps we are due for a face to face session again to decide where the allied forces get pushed around to on the main map.


Is there a legend explaining the significance of the numbers, and colours of the tokens?


This link should show you the Glantri troop deployments, as well as Yog in the mountains.

(I'll have to write a bit more story, but the map should be of interest to start with!)

Download RABS WM map 24mi end of turn 3.pdf (3382.7K)


My Prince, now that we have secured the eggs, I would assume this 'hunt' is complete. Maybe we should return and liase with your fellow High Councillors to discuss Glantri's participation in the war against the Master?


Yog is heading towards Omugug's camp while Shifty heads to Borug's camp.
Pan will stay in Orc form, Lysander invisible but possibly disgusted as a drow in case he is spotted and Elziz as Gobbo.


I think the best approach is a combination of the two.
Yog can attempt to dominate Omugug while Shifty contacts Borug who will hopefully side against Xug. Tell Shifty that Aligia Serpenthelm needs to swear alliance to Yog also.
"Alright Yog, lets get you an army".


"Many not happy...not many like me tho'...heeheeheee!" Shifty seems to fancy himself as smarter than your average orc...and he's probably right.
Yog can try to "control" another humanoid once per day (Orcs of Thar Gaz), which is a test of his charisma. If successful, he controls that humanoid, and all of his minions. Elzix can also try this.
Failure may mean some conflict ensues.
Shifty likes the subterfuge and politics that you suggest, but Jaggar prefers the idea of boldly walking in, without the politics. Jaggar's view is that Yog, and possible his men, try to simply exert their command powers to control orc leaders, and be ready to deal with any conflict that arises through arms, magic, or alternate humanoid control attempts.
Keep in mind that each humanoid trying the command trick can only try once per day.


To Shifty "How many Orc no happy like you?"
To Jagger "maybe if we can raise some popular support, we can begin a groundswell in favour of Yog. Perhaps we go after toughest leader and Yog can defeat him with some covert aid from us and then tempt the other leaders with an alliance. So rather than sneaking in, overtly enter and let it be known that Yog plans to challenge Omugug. Meanwhile emissaries are sent to the other two stating that Yog will ally with them against the remaining leader. Play them off each other."



"Borug I think smartest. You want I show you?"
What do you want to do about seeking out Borug? Yog the Ogre will stand out somewhat as you move through the camp, but you can deal with any situations that arise as you come across them. Alternatively, you may have a way of sneaking an Ogre through, or luring Borug out.


"Who da smartest? Maybe we take care of him first."

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