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Well Taran may not level soon but Sahrim will. Then I might have to do is go and fight some high level guy to reach my next level.


We need a scrolling banner...
"Only 469 days to go until Taran levels!!!!"
(PS I'm in Jakarta but I did bring ToEE with me so I should be able to add to that thread over the next day or so!)


"when the high level characters are going up levels"

chyeah right... I call a minimum of four years realtime before Taran levels... 2011.


Yeah that would be cool.

Maybe between trips into the ToEE would be a good time for that, like when the high level characters are going up levels, the low levels go out and do a 20 year old dungeon to get that 1 xp they will all need to level again.


Memories of the Humpster scraping the yellow mould off the walls. The good old days indeed.


We should totally crack out the sidekicks and go on a 20 year old dungeon crawl. that'd be suh-wheet!

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